Anchor Fasteners & Anchor Bolts :: Fasteners India
Anchor Fasteners & Anchor Bolts :: Fasteners India

About Us

Fasteners India is an India based Company having its Head Office in Kolkata. It is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Fasteners.

Our Reputation for supplying quality products and of establishing unique Customer network has resulted in enormous expansion in terms of both the Product Range and the Supply Capabilities over the years. We bring to you, our wide range of products, which will help you in selecting the right fasteners for your day to day applications. We pledge to cater and design for the needs of our valued customers and look forward positively towards the goal for achieving new bonds of Esteem Business Relationships.

Total Quality, Service & Reliability of Supply

We manufacture wide range of Bolts, Nuts, Washers, ASTM Studs, Foundation Bolts, Threaded Rods, Clamps, Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchors, Concrete Steel Anchors, Concrete Anchor Bolts and various other ground anchors confirming to rigid international standards such as DIN, ASTM BS, ANSI, IS and ISO and other standards worldwide.

The application of our products is wide and varied.

We take care of Quality and precision in every step of our manufacturing process. Various tests are performed at different stages – including Raw Material evaluation, work in progress evaluation and finally finished product quality tests. Once the Product successfully passes all our quality tests, we finally approve the material for sales and distribution.
Anchor Fasteners & Anchor Bolts :: Fasteners India